6 Tips on How to Explain Gaps in Your CV

CV Writing Tips

Oh dear, how many of us fear those long breaks and gaps in our CVs! The great recession that lead countless people unemployed for extended periods of time! If not recession, maybe you planned a long vacation or you got married; all these reasons reflect mountains of gaps in your CV. And the biggest fear … Read more

Tips on how to move forward after made redundant at work

made redundant at work

Being made redundant at work is a very personal thing. Even if you are one of an entire public sector department that has been let go, the feeling of being surplus to requirements and not needed will inevitably surface at some point. Picking yourself up and moving on, after being made redundant at work, is … Read more

How to write Professional CV

Professional CV

Have your recently completed your studies and looking forward to start your career? First thing which you need is the professional CV because any organization will demand this in order to hire you. One thing which must be kept in mind while writing your CV is how professional it is. First Impression is the Last … Read more

Resume Development Tips

You need to be having a professionally written CV / resume which would inspire the employer in no time. In addition, you must keep it polished with such decency that it may trap the reader and hence, you may get yourself a fair chance of getting success with the desired job. However, you need to … Read more