Tips on how to move forward after made redundant at work

made redundant at work

Being made redundant at work is a very personal thing. Even if you are one of an entire public sector department that has been let go, the feeling of being surplus to requirements and not needed will inevitably surface at some point. Picking yourself up and moving on, after being made redundant at work, is … Read more

A Sample Job Application Letter

Job Application

A job application letter, also known as the Cover Letter, is most important document after your CV. Employers tend to read the job application letter prior to going through your CV. A nicely crafted job application letter will keep the employer interested and they can eagerly reach out for your CV. Here is a sample … Read more

How to Write a Cover Letter – 3 Effective Tips

How to write a cover letter

Poorly written cover letters are like letters without stamps – they won’t get you anywhere. Despite all the denying about the importance of cover letter, the fact is cover letters are still regarded as a great chance to create an effective first impression. While there are no hard and fast rules about how to write … Read more