Leadership Skills with Organizational Leadership Training

Organizational Leadership Training

It is an accepted fact that college or school itself is not enough to totally equip an individual with important leadership skills. You may be a graduate of one of the top schools in your country, but if you have no experience in critical thinking, managing and leading teams in an organizational setting, then you … Read more

How Leadership of Steve Jobs made Apple the world leader

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO who invented and masterfully marketed ever-sleeker gadgets that transformed everyday technology, from the personal computer to the iPod and iPhone. He was 56 when he died. One of his thousands of tributes was from California Governor Jerry Brown who said, “Steve Jobs was a great California innovator … Read more

Soft Skills Evaluation Checklist

What are Soft Skills Soft skills are the interpersonal and core skills needed to succeed in the workplace in every profession. Through these skills, you relate to others and work with them. In other words, soft skills are people skills. The soft skills include your attitude, time management, motivation, leadership, flexibility, open-mindedness, manners, and personality. … Read more

Your Leadership Style: How to be a Successful Leader

Leadership styles

A lot has been written about leadership styles. One of the most popular framework was developed by Kurt Lewin. Although his research was conducted in the late 1930s, his framework is still being used in modern management theories. According to Lewin, there are three major leadership styles: Authoritarian Leadership (Autocratic). Autocratic leaders provide clear expectations—what, … Read more

Most Wanted Skills for Successful Leaders


Leader is a personality that guides his follower through thick and thin and is able to see beyond the horizons. Following are some of the skills that are to be possessed by the people so as to become leaders: 1. Vision: Leaders should have a vision. They possess a quality of analyzing things that are … Read more

Five Top Trends for Executive Resumes

A great interview-generating executive resume is all about differentiating yourself from others competing for the same jobs. With constantly changing trends in strategic resume writing, new ways to accomplish this differentiation are always coming forward. If you take advantage of the latest trends before they mainstream, you are much more likely to stand out, make … Read more