Be your own boss in your own home!

Be your own bossHaving your own business right at your own home offers a lot of advantages.
You suddenly have a newfound freedom, you get to keep the money you make, you have more time for family and friends, opportunities for personal growth and increased productivity.
On the financial side, there is less risk as compared to franchising or setting up a separate retail outlet or office. Home-based businesses also enjoy tax cuts in most countries.

Now that you know that being a home-based entrepreneur is the career for you, have you thought of what kind of business to set up?

Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Consulting Business. You have years of experience in a certain field and have now decided on having a home-based business. Why not draw on this strength and provide your expertise to other businessmen in need of your advice and problem solving skills?

Virtual Assistant (Vas). Technology has made telecommuting much more productive. VAs perform the usual administrative support tasks such as reading and responding to e-mails, handling orders, writing and general bookkeeping. Go online and search for a client or contractor. [Click here to learn more about how to become a Virtual Assistant]

Crafts. The success of Ebay is an inspiration to anyone who is fond of arts and crafts. If you have the creativity and passion for artsy projects, why not turn this into profit by selling them. The Internet is a great place to sell your product.

Online reselling. eBay, Amazon Auctions and Craigslist are only some of the popular online marketplace today. A lot of entrepreneurs start out with this and in a few months’ time, with the right marketing strategy and determination, they would launch their own website already.

Events Coordinator. Turn your flair for organizing events into profit! Work for private and corporate clients in creating the perfect event for them—from anniversaries, to birthdays, to product launches, to weddings and so on. The capital required and equipment needed is not too difficult to come up with.

Desktop Publishing. If your strength lies in writing and/or designing, desktop publishing is something that you may want to consider. Your products include catalogs, manuals, directories, brochures etc. For bulk orders, you may tie up with a bigger printing company.

Now, here’s a reality check. Before you get too deep into setting up your own business, check other matters such as insurance, homeowners association policies and the like. Remember that although home-based businesses offer a lot of freedom as compared to your corporate job, there is a higher accountability attached to it. Not everyone is cut out for it, but if you truly love the idea, then work towards it so you can be your own boss… right at your own home!

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