How not to be part of Workplace Politics

how to avoid work politics

Whether you accept this fact or not, work politics exists almost in every office setting. There is no chance that you can avoid it at all. It doesn’t matters at what position you are at, you will find the politics from lower level to the top level. Just as said before there is no way you can avoid it but you can do one thing and that is you need to learn how to can deal with it.

There are number of reasons for which office politics exists, some of these are:

1. Some people want to gain power on every one.
2. Some individuals may want a quick promotion.
3. Some people do it, so that they don’t get any kind of workload. They do this through gift, bonuses etc.
In the sense of dealing with work politics, you can do a number of things so that you know that “how not to be a part of work politics”

Always remain “Cool” during the work timings: The word cool is used here which implies the fact “stay positive” in office. Sometimes it happens that an individual gets mad at something or someone in the office. This should be avoided at all cost. If you remain positive or cool during the office timings, the seniors will start considering you as a dependable person.

Try your best to avoid the gossips: One of the best ways to understand “how not to be a part of work politics” is that you stay away from gossips. Gossiping can have serious disadvantages. One of the worst disadvantages is that it can put your career on the line. If you leak some information about anyone, it will spread in the office no matter how much you trust the other person.

Always do your best: By this it means that you should “work hard” in the work timings. This is one of the best ways to understand the concept of “how not to be a part of work politics”. When you put your attention to the work you will definitely be noticed in the eyes of senior management. You also have to keep in mind that you should not go invisible in anyway. If you did something and company is getting benefit from it, you should tell them that “I did this”.

The Neutral fact: If you stay neutral, you will avoid work politics. By being neutral means that you should not associate or become part of any group in the office. It is a fact that in offices there are groups. Each group represents something or matter. So don’t become a part of any group no matter how bad you want to express your feelings.

Never Bad Mouth: To avoid the work politics never bad mouth about any one. If you want to progress then you have to keep yourself away from bad mouthing. If you talk bad about your seniors or supervisors with the colleagues, they will hear it no matter how hard you try to keep it safe. So be on the safe side if you want to get out of work politics.

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