Top Five Careers in Education

Education CareersDo you enjoy reading and thinking? And do you delight in watching as understanding dawns on the face of a child who has previously not been engaged? Then you might be interested in an education career.
If you are considering a career in education, here are the top five education jobs that you may want to pursue based on salary, job availability and advancement potential.

1. Curriculum Developer: Other job titles similar to this position are Curriculum Specialist, and Instructional Coordinator. He is someone who works behind the scenes. He supports teachers by discovering new ways to present the curricula. He must be tech-savvy and must be able to suggest ways to instruct students more effectively. When the government introduces new rules or guidelines, the Curriculum Developer must ensure that they are met and strictly followed. Salaries for this career greatly depend on the location and school district budgets.

2. Post-secondary Teacher: Also called “Higher Education Teacher”, their positions may range from assistant professors and graduate student teachers. Those with stronger qualifications work in colleges and universities. Post-Secondary Teachers are promoted to higher positions such as department head, wherein they will have more administrative than teaching duties. Compared to other education careers, they receive above average pay.

3. Special Education Teacher: These teachers assist general teachers in teaching disabled students in their learning process. Because of the students’ special needs, Special Education Teachers adjust the curriculum to suit the abilities of the students. They record the students’ performance and counsel the parents to help them manage their children with learning challenges. Studies show that the demand for Special Education Teachers will increase steadily as more and more parents acknowledge and appreciate the guidance of special education curriculum in helping their children adjust to their difficult circumstance.

4. Counselor: A Counselor has very little or no teaching duties at all. Instead, he is there to provide students with academic, career and college advice. This encompasses personal and social guidance through group and individual counseling. As a Counselor, you should be a good listener and should be able to manage your stress levels. There are a lot of advancement options and competitive salary compared to other education careers.

5. Education Administrator: Examples of Education Administrators are deans, principals, district administrators, academic officers, department heads etc. They help the school or university run smoothly. They set standards and manage the school’s resources and manage the budget. Experts say that Education Administrators have the highest chance of earning the highest salary relative to the other careers in education.

Whatever career path you choose in education, bear in mind that although it may not be the most lucrative career, it is by far the most fulfilling job of all. People belonging to the education industry not only shape lives, but also shape the future because they mold the minds and hearts of our future generation.

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