Business Attire for Young Women

Being young and employed does not mean that you have to dress up very maturely. Business attire for young women is something that will look stylish and up-to-date and at the same time remain decent and formal. Below are tips for some fabulous business attire for young women.

business attire for young women

Tank Top

Tank top is stylish business attire for young women. It lets your arms remain exposed and you can wear trousers with it. It suits the young personality and so you should add it to your wardrobe. One advantage of a tank top is that it can also be worn casually with jeans.


Short Skirt

Short skirt could be straight or pleated and has its hemline till the knees and will look great as a business attire for young women.  It provides a very young and energetic look and you can easily move around in it all day long.

Bell Bottom Pants

Bell bottom pants were the major part of fashion a long time ago and now it is again becoming the in thing, especially as a formal wear. They look stylish as well as suit the office environment. A black bell bottom pants with white shirt will look great as a formal wear.

Mini Skirt

It is similar to short skirt but unlike a short skirt, mini skirt has a hemline well above the knees. Approximately 10 cm long, it lies halfway up the thighs. It looks great with a formal shirt but you should consider the dressing rules of your organization before attempting to wear because many organizations do not entertain such short dresses.

Bright colors

Wear bright and attractive colors like dull yellow, red, baby pink, sky blue, sea green or just pure white. These colors always suit young women and keep them in a good mood for the rest of your working day. In addition to that, bright and attractive colors also put a good impact on your co-workers and your clients and not to mention, your boss.


If your trousers or skirt have got belt loops, then they are not supposed to be left empty. Remember, not to wear thick and beaded belts as they will give a funky look to your business attire for young women. Instead go for slim and thin leather belts as they perfectly suit formal wears. Keeping belt loops empty is also not the right way to dress up because it gives a very untidy and unfinished look to your attire.


You can wear chains and bracelets. If you are wearing one or two bangles then make sure they don’t make that clattering sound as it may annoy people working near you. When it comes to carrying handbags or purses, look at the amount of items you will need to carry and then go for the right size of bag. Leather handbags of various colors suit professional young women and are the same case with purses. If you just have to carry a cell phone, money and a few cards, then carrying wallet is the best option. Just don’t forget them at places you go.


Whatever you wear for your foot let it be formal and also comfortable. It is useless to wear something formal and not comfortable because then you will not be able to focus completely on your work. If you are wearing sandals then it shouldn’t have more than 1 – 1.5 inch heels. Furthermore, it should not create any thudding sound when you are walking.


As a young woman, you might want to do a little make-up. Go for all the black elements like kajal, mascara, eyeliner and light lipstick, or better a transparent lip gloss.

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