Top Management Careers

top careers in management

Despite the emergence of new career paths in other fields, Management Careers still are the most varied, and most challenging areas of work in today’s global economy.

According to surveys and experts, here are the top Management Careers:

Management Consulting. An MBA degree from a reputable university plus your practical work experience with different companies will equip you with the ability to give sound advice to you clients in developing business plans, formulating strategies, reviewing business processes, implementing a new technology and other management consultancy scope of work.

Operations Management. A career in operations management puts you in the heart of any company as you will be dealing with the essential steps of production, quality and supply chain management, facilities and warehousing, vendors and product formulation. Jobs in this area of management are abundant and offer considerable career growth potentials.

Strategic Planning. Working in strategic planning means you are helping the company design a path to growth and profitability, taking into account competition and environmental changes. Information gathering, tracking industry trends, developing forecasting models and scenario analysis are only some of the tasks that you will be involved in. Strategy jobs are considered as one of the most desirable in large corporations because they provide access to the overall picture and direction of the company.

Entrepreneurship. This is considered as the ultimate of Management Careers as you are putting your ideas into action and working in a competitive economy. Not all management graduates can be entrepreneurs, as it entails investment, risk-taking and discernment to know which ventures can be successful or not. A career as an entrepreneur has a lot of possibilities and is definitely something that you should consider if you have the heart and mind for it.

General Management. Line managers, middle managers, executive managers, administrators and service managers are only some of the positions in the area of general management. A general manager, you should be able to see the bigger picture so you can get people to do their jobs the best way they can. You should have people skills as well as the technical know-how in the department you are assigned to. If you are able to inspire and motivate people, General Management may be the career for you.

Choosing an area of Management Careers that you want to focus on means you also need to know what suits your personality. Do you enjoy helping people in doing their jobs the best way possible? Human Resources Management may fit you. Do you like looking at how products and services are delivered from the manufacturer to the end-user? You might want to work in the area of logistics management. Knowing your strength and management style will help you determine the right career path for you.

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