Job Ideas for First Time Workers

Getting a good first-time job is the most daunting first step on the long road of a professional career. Your first job will set you on course. It also develops key skills that will help you in the long run. However, it is not always a piece of cake to get a nice first job.

This post will be greatly helpful to all the first time worker. Here you will find basic yet very important tips to land your first job.

What are some jobs for a first time worker?

Obviously, there are many questions that pop up in the mind of a first time worker. One of those many questions is what options do they have?

Well, there are plenty!

Here are some first time jobs that you can apply for even without any prior experience.


A cashier job is a good option for a first time worker. All you have to do is receive payments from customers, either in cash or credit. To make sure that the price is right, you’ll have scan the products. Giving receipts and resolving customer complaints are also a part of the job. Sometimes there may be an addition of wrapping gifts for customers.


Being a teacher is another great job for a first time worker. If interested in pursuing a career in the educational field, then you must go for a teacher’s job. Social and communication skills are needed to be a great teacher.


The receptionist position doesn’t require a highly qualified candidate. Mostly training is provided on-the-job. Soft skills are helpful in this job. That’s because you have to be quite friendly and polite. As a receptionist you have to answer calls and visitors’ questions, receive and distribute mail. You may also be asked to maintain the office filing system.


Interns don’t get paid enough, most of the time. But the experience gained is worth the pain. You will learn professional skills and get used to a professional environment. The work demanded of you as an intern differs. But in most cases, you have to attend meetings, note down minutes, take part in research, etc.


This is another option for the not-so-highly-qualified candidates. If you are a barista, you pack food and beverages for sale and educate customers about new items. Plus, you accept orders and payments, update signage and displays to pull in more customers, and the like.

How to get a job without previous experience?

Don’t cover your lack of experience

It’s never advisable to falsify any information on your resume. If you don’t have any experience, that’s fine! Every veteran started with zero experience at the start of their career.

You should write a killer cover letter to convince the recruiter to give you the chance. Moreover, try to learn skills that are relevant to your prospective job.


The importance of networking for getting your first step in the professional world can’t be stressed enough. Meet people in your field of interest, be active on forums, try to get maximum relevant LinkedIn connection. Your presence will help build trust in the minds of the recruiters.

Soft skills are the go-to job winner (for now, at least)

Your soft skills can win you the job. They are best displayed if you get called for an interview. The recruiter can gauge your overall persona when you are in front of him. You must not shy away from showing your dedication, motivation and enthusiasm for the job.


Most of the jobs require experience but you can’t get experience without a job. So, it’s always advisable to volunteer to work to get the experience that your future job requires.

How to make a resume for a first time worker?

 Your resume can either make or break the deal. As many resumes are delivered every day, you must work to make your resume stand out. For this purpose, here are some suggestions:

Choose perfect layout:

Start with a header, which includes your contact details. Next, add a short paragraph to summarize your objective. Thereon add education, experience, and skills.

Add Education:

Since you don’t have any experience, you have to make your education section stand out. Don’t forget to include extra-curricular activities.

Add Relevant Experience:

You don’t have job experience, that’s why you are ‘first time worker’. But if you have worked as a volunteer or intern, which you should, you can add that experience.

Don’t Forget The Skills:

As a first time worker, your skills can be a great plus point. These may include soft skills like interpersonal, organizational, rapport building, etc.

So, now you have some basic idea of what jobs you can apply for as a newbie. Plus, you have those handy tips to accelerate your chances of getting hired. Finally, those resume guidelines will surely get you your first job.

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