Business Shirts for Women – How to Select Professional Attire

Business shirts for women form a necessary part of professional attire. Business shirts call for hassle free dressing and add a ‘corporate’ touch to the whole attire.

The edge of smartness that these shirts yield is the reason why more and more women opt for business shirts as an integral part of their business attire. Business shirts are very comfortable and easy to maintain. As already known, a working woman has better things to take care of than spending time on maintaining the business apparel. Hence, with their ease of usage and maintenance, business shirts score over other form of business attires. With business shirts, all one has to do is to get it washed and ironed. It is very easy and a business shirt does its job of lending a professional air very easily.

Business shirts for women are a must:

Though business shirts are not mandatory in every profession, they play an important part in areas like offices, hospitality, etc. In fact, if one is taking up a profession and opting for a western formal look, business shirts can be easily included as a part of the outfit if one wishes to. For example, if one is opting for skirts, business shirts have to be included. Similarly, business shirts for women are a must with business suits. If a woman is running her own private business, these shirts can form a part of her business apparel.

Business Shirts for Women
Business Shirts for Women

Various types of business shirts for women:

There are various types of business shirts for women. When it comes to business shirts, women are spoilt for choice. Ranging from different types of collars to various materials, the options are many. These shirts ensure that you will not have to look boring when you are dressed for office.

Sleeves: You can choose from business shirts of varied sleeve lengths. You can opt for long sleeves, short sleeves or even three quarters.
Collars: You get business shirts in various types of collars like ruffle collars, polo shirts or even coat-like collars. All these add an element of diversity in your look and you can experiment with various types to create different looks each time.

Things to consider when buying business shirts for women:

Stitching: When one is opting for business shirts or whole business apparel, for that matter, it is advised that the business shirt or apparel should be tailor-made rather than ready made. An ill-fitting shirt looks very clumsy and hence a well-tailored shirt which is stitched according to your measurements is the best choice. It looks very smart and crisp.

Quality Fabrics: You should also pay attention to the kind of fabric you are opting for. Though the market is rampant with various kinds of business shirts made of different materials, it is advised that you give it a thought or two before selecting. You should stride away from materials that are transparent. These kinds of fabrics are not suited for professional environment. Also, you must not lay your hands on fabric which is glossy and shiny. These kinds are suitable for parties and not for professional work.

Sophisticated Colours: Make sure that your business shirt is not very loud in colour. When you are selecting a business shirt, remember that it is a business shirt. You should opt for colours that are sophisticated and earthy. Your best bet will be neutrals, browns, off-whites, whites, black, beige or even a light pink. You can also opt for rust colour but make sure that the shade is not too loud.

You must get your business shirt nicely starched and iron and you will be ready for the day in no time.

Some of the top business shirts loved by professional women:

business shirt for women blue
Chestnut Hill Women’s Pima Poplin Button Down Dress Shirt. CH590W

Devon & Jones Pink Ladies Stretch Sateen Blouse Shirt
Devon & Jones Pink Ladies Stretch Sateen Blouse Shirt.

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