How to Become a Business Coach?

A business coach is one who gives training and provides business people of small and big firms with tips and strategies of selling their products. Not only do they help in selling, but also with management, marketing and team building.

Business Coach

Obtain a business coaching certificate

Before you begin with the career of a business coach, you have to get some training and pass the test in order to obtain a business coach certificate. This will certify and qualify you to help owners of business organizations with selling, marketing, management and team building.

What is your specialization?

There might be some particular area in which you want to specialize. Probably you have had a lot of experience in the automobiles or cosmetics market and you have a thorough knowledge, so you could be a specialized business coach in those areas. This will also allow you to charge with a higher fee.

Chose a workplace

Once you have gained a certificate and decided what you will be specializing for, you need to have a workplace where your clients can approach. It could be a room in your own house with an office setup, or you can purchase a studio flat or some office in sharing. Or you can even be a moving coach. You can have your own email address, telephone and fax number and you can visit your clients yourself. This also allows you to charge higher as you will be saving your client from the hassle of travelling.

Set up your marketing materials

Just a certificate and a workplace isn’t enough to start your career as a business coach. You also need to let people know about your business and for that you need to advertise. Start with printing business cards. Then make flyers where you don’t only mention your contact details but also mention details about your education, qualification, experience etc. See that your flyers go across all the targeted market and not to places where people won’t be bothered to even know who is a business coach.

Moreover, you can make a page of Facebook. Making an official website is also good way of advertising. If you have enough money for investing in a television commercial then you should go ahead as it will reach a large amount of people in one go. Advertising on the television is the fastest way to let people know about your services because Facebook or websites can only be visited by people who use internet and flyers will only go to those near your area, and many a times that too will go right into the dustbin.

Interview business coaches

Before you start with coaching your clients, it is good thing to know how other business coaches treat their clients. You can interview a few business coaches or as many as you come across. You can search for them online or may ask your friend or relative to suggest you any if they know. This will give you an idea the method and strategies they use to handle their clients and influence them.

Use strategies to attract clients

In the beginning, people might hesitate to approach you because you will not be a well known business coach. So in order to make them come in contact with you, start with some discount packages to encourage people to come to you. Or even better, give half an hour’s free session and try to be as influential as possible so that your client knows that you could really guide them. People always enjoy free things and so they will surely come to try your counseling.

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