How to Become a Business Coach?

Business Coach

A business coach is one who gives training and provides business people of small and big firms with tips and strategies of selling their products. Not only do they help in selling, but also with management, marketing and team building. Obtain a business coaching certificate Before you begin with the career of a business coach, … Read more

How to avoid Workplace Bullying: Tips for dealing with Hostile Bosses and CoWorkers

worplace bullying

Workplace bullying by both superiors and co-workers can take significant tolls on the target’s physical and psychological health. There are currently no laws on the books to prevent bullying in the workplace. Dr. Gary Namie of Bellingham, Washington, founded the Workplace Bullying Institute after his wife and Institute co-founder Dr. Ruth Namie personally experienced bullying … Read more

5 tips for a quick transition to a new job

transition to new job

Whether you were out of work, took a sabbatical, or starting a fresh career, transition to a new job requires careful preparation and planning to achieve positive results. Here are five tips to help make a successful transition to a new job. 1. Get your body back into work routine: While at home for many … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts of Working From Home

Working from Home

Do’s of Working From Home Do get dressed everyday. Doing this means you are treating your business like a normal business and not just as a hobby. It creates the right mindset for productivity. Do define your workspace. Have a separate room or area dedicated to working. Separate work from home tasks. Choose a space … Read more

7 tips on Negotiation Skills to avoid Workplace Conflicts

Workplace negotiation skills

Employees are the assets of an organization. They work for a particular job, sell their skills and get salary as a return. Conflicts can arise between an employer and an employee on certain issues that need to be resolved within a specified time period so as not to keep the task withholding for a longer … Read more

Virtual IT Jobs

Virtual IT Jobs

Virtual IT jobs is a topic of keen concentration these days. The word IT stands for “Information Technology”. Virtual IT jobs involve computer programming, network administration, Web development, computer engineering, technical support and other relevant jobs. You can make arguments all the day on the existence of the virtual communities, websites, games, etc, but the … Read more