How to Start a Freelance Photography Business

freelance photography

Being a freelance photographer offers many benefits.

For one, you do not have an employer, and this gives you the freedom to choose your subjects and working hours.

You have the option to find assignments on your own or you go ahead and take pictures and sell them to stock photo markets.

With the increasing number of online freelance photography agencies and stock photography databases, it is easier to turn photography from a hobby to a lucrative business. Freelance opportunities allow photography hobbyists to sell their photos online.

Aside from online freelance photography opportunities, you can also set up your own studio within the comforts of your own home.

Steps to Start a Freelance Photography Business:

Formulate a business plan. Fix the legal requirements of your business. Decide on a name and business format—is this a sole-proprietorship or do you have a business partner? Understand your legal obligations as a business owner. What are the goals of your photography business in terms of sources of revenue and your target income for the next two years? What sort of funding do you have? Study your market and determine how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Set up your home studio while build your online portfolio. Once you have a collection of photos, build a website to showcase your talent. Create a theme from your website, taking into account the kind of market that you wish to attract. If you haven’t done so, invest in the necessary equipment such as a good camera and lighting, tripods, lenses and a computer or laptop for storing and editing pictures. A good printer is also needed if you are going to provide printing services.

Select a freelance agency or stock photography database. Another way to earn in freelance photography is by selling your stock photos online via different stock photo agencies. There are a lot of websites looking for freelance photographers who are willing to sell their work to customers.

Consider covering people and events. The good thing about being a freelance photographer is the freedom to choose which specialties you want to focus on. For example, do you want to specialize in portraits or nature and landscapes? Do you want to cover events such as weddings, concerts, parades and the like? Or do you want to focus on fashion and art photography?

It is also important to hone your public relations skills. This is because the best way to get started is by establishing your name as a talented and affordable photographer. Print flyers and distribute them within your area, build your website and update it regularly with the best of your works, create an online presence by putting up ads and joining groups and forum. Do not be scared of taking the plunge as the market always has room for another photographer.

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