Online Jobs for College Students

jobs for college students

College students often complaint that it is hard for them to find a job because employers expect them to have some sort of experience.

However, in this day and age of information and Internet technology, online work opportunities for college students are abundant. There are number of jobs available that require little or no experience.

Typical college students live and breathe the Internet– for research, communication, networking, and even actually attending school courses online.

List of Online Jobs for College Students:

Data Entry and Virtual Assistant. Many businesses are turning to outsourcing when it comes to data entry, customer service, email response and other administrative tasks. You can do these jobs at home; all you need is a computer and the necessary word and spreadsheet programs. Other jobs may require you to have other office equipment such as fax machines or printers. Here is how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Blogging. This is another online job that you can easily perform at the comforts of your home. There is no investment required. There are various blogging platforms, and most of them are free. You need to find a theme that you are really interested in. Revenue will come in via ads and page views. It’s easy, fun and profitable.

Transcription. Transcription work is flexible enough to fit the busy life of a college student. Most companies prefer transcriber with experience, but there are a lot of transcription companies who will hire candidates without any experience. As a transcriber, you will normally have to commit a certain number of hours per week. The audio files in need of transcription will be sent to you via e-mail, or you need to download it from a site. You may be required to install some transcription or audio software/applications to enable you to do your task.

Freelance Writer. A college student can do freelance writing anytime, any day. Online content companies, private clients and blogs offer freelance writing jobs. If you are interested in this job, you will need a computer, high-speed internet and a word processor such as MS Word. To apply, you need to submit your résumé and some writing samples. Here is how to start your Freelance Writing Business.

Graphic Designer and Web Design/Development. If your interests lean towards visual creativity and you have the programming skills for it, then graphic design and web development are fit for you. You will be surprised at the number of online jobs in this area, and the pay is quite good too.

Online Tuition. You can tutor fellow college students, high school students, elementary students, or even working adults in need of upgrading their skills. Your location does not matter, as you will conduct your tuition sessions via instant messaging, or video conferencing. There are a number of free online communication tools that you can use. You need to determine your expertise and how many hours you can devote to your tuition jobs.

If you are not yet decided on the kind of online job for you, check these top 5 careers for college students.

In any case, take your time to play around with the various work opportunities available. You will soon be able to determine which fits you. You will start to earn, and the learnings you get from your online jobs will actually help you become a more responsible college student.

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