How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

Freelance Writing is one of the top online businesses that you can do while working from your home.

If you want to start a freelance writing business, the first thing you need to do is to stop procrastinating!
Make a move towards your goal. Build up enough courage to start looking for clients in need of freelance writers. If this means giving up your day job, then do it.

Freelance writing offers a lot of advantages, and the most important of them is that start up cost is minimal.

freelance writing businessYou do not need to invest in anything, except for a computer or laptop (which you probably have already) and Internet connection.
You have a lot of options in terms of the type of writing that you wish to explore– website content, directory writing, product summary and reviews, sales copywriting, creative writing etc.

You can work from home on your own schedule and your earnings increase as you gain experience.

Before you get ahead of yourself, there are some things you need to reflect on. What type of writing do you want to do? What kind of writing experience do you have? How much time in a day are you able to devote to your writing tasks? Are you financially and emotionally ready for the challenges involved in freelancing? Where do you plan to do your writing and is this environment conducive to writing?

Tips to start your freelance writing business:

Determine what area of freelance writing you want to get into. Not all writing is the same. It does not matter what area of freelance writing you get into. The important thing is you focus on one so you can build on this expertise. For example, check these tips if you are interested in doing Business Writing.

Put together a portfolio. Or at least, some writing samples. The client will surely ask for some samples. As your experience grows, the more samples you can put in your portfolio, and your chances of landing that writing job will increase. Clients will usually require you to sign away all rights to your work.

Set a rate that is realistic. As a newbie in freelance writing, you may not be familiar with the average pay that freelance writers get. Research what others are charging. From there, adjust your rates to suit your experience, capabilities and potential client base. Initially, your rates will not be as high as the others, but do remember that this will increase as you gain experience.

Spend some time everyday to look for new work. This may be difficult when you are busy with your current writing tasks, but you cannot stop looking for work. It is a mistake to find work only when you realize that there are no more tasks in line for you.

The freelance market is filled with so many writers that it’s difficult to differentiate yourself from others. Thus, the quality of your work must be exceptional so that clients will keep coming back to you. Most writing assignments are short-term, and this may be a challenge in terms of job security.

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