Tips for Perfect Interview Outfit

It is said that the first impression is the last impression and whoever has said this was totally right. In order to make a lasting effect in your interview, apart from how you speak and carry yourself, your interview outfit and interview attire is utterly important.

“Be Formal”: The first and foremost rule of dressing up for an interview is to remain formal in your attire. Dressing up formally makes you look smart and professional and also gives a good impression to the interviewer. Dress pant could be worn by both males and females with a formal plain shirt. Females can also wear a pencil skirt or a straight short skirt.

“Go for a decent color contrast”: Bright colors like orange, yellow, parrot green, blood red should be avoided. Black and white have always been the best colors for formal wear, but along with that, soft pink, peach, sky blue, maroon, navy blue are best colors for an interview outfit. To provide you with one great tip here, wearing light green or blue helps to calm down the person and so if you want to give your interview in a relaxed mood then you should go for one of these two colors.

“Women should not go for very high heels or flats”: Heels do affect our walking style. Wearing very high heels could make our legs wiggle thus creating bad interview attire. Flats, on the other hand makes you walk without lifting up your feet and you tend to swipe your feet on the ground and this again creates a wrong impact on your interviewers. Wear shoes or sandals with just one inch heels as these provide a perfect walking style making you look professional. In addition to that, do not wear slippers because slippers are considered to go with casual wear. Moreover, avoid wearing shoes which creates a very shrill or a loud thud when walking as this may annoy the office staff and your interviewers.

“Wear a light scent”: When using perfume or any other form of scent with your interview outfit, try not to use very strong scents as you never know your interviewer might have allergic to strong scents and once this affects them, you know what will happen next.

“Accessories: what to wear and what not to wear”: Coming to accessories, well, they are a great addition to your interview outfit but one should remember not to over accessorize themselves. A watch and a bracelet for both men and women create a smart interview attire. Females must not wear long earrings or chains, a small stud; a thin necklace with a pendant looks good enough. Bengals must not at all be worn as they create noise each time you move your hands. Other accessories like, tie, a small purse (for women), a leather belt could be used.

“Things you are not to carry with your interview outfit”

-No chewing gums
-Any sort of portable music player
-Soda or coffee
-No tattoos should be shown
-If you have too many piercings, only one should be used

interview outfit
Perfect Interview Outfit

Interview Attire for Men

-Neat hairstyle
-Suit of a solid color
-Long sleeve plain shirt in contrast with the suit
-Conservative leather shoes and dark color socks

Interview Attire for Women

-Suit (optional)
-A long and comfortable skirt
-Dress pant
-Blouse in contrast with the lower
-Conservative shoes
-Hairstyle in which no hair comes over your face
-Unnoticeable and light make up

So now follow these rules and create the best impact on your interviewers.

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