6 Tips That Will Help Turn Your Internship Into A Full-time Job

Internship is always an important step in shaping your career. If you have been accepted for an internship position in one of the top organisations related to the field or subject that you are studying, then you should consider yourself lucky. But it should not stop at that. You must be determined to make the most out of this internship opportunity to show that you have the ability to be a part of their organisation so they can think of hiring you for a full-time job.

The best thing about being in an internship is that it gives you an understanding of the position that you might work in that profile. So it would be easier for you to find out if you really want to work in that position or not in the future. Now, considering you have fallen in love with the organisation after doing your internship.

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How to transform internship into a full-time position? Here are a few tips that will help you in this direction:

1. The early bird gets the worm

As the saying goes, you need to start from the beginning to show that you can work hard and be a useful asset to the team you are working with; instead of being the person who just brings coffee for everyone. Take initiative on matters that you can be sure of being successful and let them know that you are capable of taking more responsibilities. Employers love to hire people who show such initiatives.

2. Blend with the company’s culture

Getting a full-time job offer from the present organisation where you are doing internship needs an approval from the team you are working with. Show them that you can be a perfect fit to their company culture, environment and work requirements. Being a good fit does not only mean being able to cope up with the work but also being able to blend with the company’s culture. Every company has their own culture and they want people who can fit into that culture easily.

3. Go the extra mile

Not only should you take more responsibilities, you should also be able to deliver them. To do so you need to be a problem solver and help the people you are working with. It should not be the other way round; adding more problems to the team’s existing ones.

Make yourself available for any extra activities that take place. It is all about going the extra mile to add value to your position. If you can show yourself as a disposable person that others can rely upon, you can hope of getting that internship turned into a full-time job.

4. Let your freak flag fly

You know that you are different and have unique capabilities that will help you in this position in the future. But do others know? So it is important that you let your freak flag fly. Let others in your team know that you have that je ne sais quoi which will help the team in completing the projects. You should also make it clear that you are a good team player and can produce great collaborative relationships.

5. Connect with the top bananas

Networking is always helpful, and has shown time and again how it is a key area in professional life. If you have a good network, it will certainly help you. On the other hand, if you have connections with the key people of the organisations, you can definitely think of having one foot into that door of full-time position. So always maintain a good relationship with the people who have the power to employ you.

6. Talk about your interest in a full-time position

You did everything right but still did not get the offer. What might have gone wrong? Did you talk about going for a full-time position with your manager or expressed the interest with the senior management? There are no mind readers and nobody is going to find out if you never brought out the topic. Just hoping that you have done everything and playing the waiting game will not help you. Let your boss and co-workers know that you have learned and enjoyed a lot during your internship, and wish to join as a full-time professional.

The bottom line:

Sometimes these actions may not result into a quick offer letter for a full-time position but will build a base for your welcome the next time they have an opening for the same profile. Having good connections within the company and showing that you are capable will surely give you an advantage, if a position is open in the future.

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