5 tips to beat Procrastination at Work

Procrastination at Work

Procrastination is something that must have happened to every one of us. It can be of one day or could be infinite. Procrastination means that you know that you have to do “that task” but you are not doing it. You keep saying to yourself that you will do it but when you don’t even know that.

How to beat procrastination at work:

There are many ways through which you can understand that how to avoid procrastination at work. If you get to know these points you won’t fall anymore in to procrastination.

1. Deadlines: One of biggest problem of procrastinator is that he/she does not have any kind of deadline. It is true that there is an objective that has to completed, but the problem is when it will be completed? First you need to solve this problem and must create a deadline for each individual task to be completed.

In the workplace it is true that there are deadlines that have to be performed on time, but the procrastinator keeps putting it on the next day. This is the worst thing that an individual can do to him/herself. If you keep on putting the work on the next day, one day will come when the task will become a nightmare. This is something that nobody wants.

2. Break the task: If you want to develop the way on how to avoid procrastination at work, you have to break the task. This is very important. The reason is that when you see the whole work as one, it seems very difficult. If you break the same task into smaller parts, it will become very easy for you. Break the task and start working on each task one after the other. In the end you will see that it wasn’t difficult at all. You have to take the first step in any way.

3. Manage Your Time: When you are working on the task, do it in small periods of time. For example if you want to complete assignment given to you by the senior, do it for 2-3 hours then take a break for a while. Take 5-10 minutes break and then again do the work for 2-3 hours straight. This is one great strategy to build up the attitude towards how to avoid procrastination at work.

4. Start with the easy part: Whenever you are going to start the work, start with the easiest part. Starting with the easy part will help you overcome the feeling of procrastination. Once you do the easy parts, doing the difficult ones would not be any problem.

5. Concentrate: You have to concentrate on the work which you are doing. For this you have to go away from things that distract you. If your work is on pc, make sure that you don’t start browsing while you are working. Building up the concentration will always help you to do the task more efficiently. While working you can also turn off the phone, sometimes it can cause to lose the concentration.

Let us know if these tips were helpful in getting rid of procrastination.

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