How to find Freelance Technical Writing Opportunities

Freelance Technical Writing OpportunitiesFreelance technical writing opportunities are abound these days. In fact a lot of individual are taking to freelance “technical” writing as an extra source of income.

What is freelance technical writing?

Freelance technical writing isn’t as tough as it sounds! Technical writing is no rocket science – and doesn’t require the writer to always know the technical nitty-gritty’s of a subject.


Actually, a general writer who can verily explain and write on a subject such as a User’s Manual is fit enough to work as a freelance technical writer.

A lot of freelance writers have at some point of time done one or the other kind of technical writing. Thankfully also, a majority of times writers are clearly briefed by the client on what they need technically written. As a freelance technical writer your job is to simply put it in a format fit for publishing.

Qualifications required for Freelance Technical Writers:

When you striving to work as a freelance technical writer it helps, amongst other qualifications, to have the below mentioned qualities:

• Superior research abilities – both online and offline
• Ability to write in a cohesive manner
• Ability to collate material
• Superior referencing skills and of course
• Impeccable English writing skills

Advantages of working as a freelance technical writer:

There are unique benefits of getting work as freelance technical writer:

• Be your own boss – you mostly have the freedom to schedule your tasks
• Great opportunities to learn about new and exciting subjects
• Thereby also expand the gamut of your writing portfolio
• Earn a decent income
• And quite importantly, provide assistance to those just beginning in this field

It is important to “sell” yourself A lot of freelance technical writers find themselves struggling while having to find good writing assignments. The key to finding great work online is to set yourself apart from the crowd. This is not as difficult as it may sound. To begin with, it is highly recommended you get your own website registered online .

A personal website goes a long in establishing your credibility online. You can also include any previous client feedback and review you may have received on your earlier jobs. This gives your potential clients the confidence to hire you as a freelance technical writer.

Apart from this, networking also is quiet important. Is there an exceptional technical writer you know? Great! Make sure you connect and stay in touch with him so as to avail of more job opportunities

Freelance Technical Writing Opportunities – Be Honest While searching for freelance technical writing jobs it is advisable to remain honest in all your dealings. Don’t be afraid any questions to your client in case of doubts. Last but not the least – remember to enjoy your work as a freelance technical writer!

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