What do you do if you hate your job?

Hate my Job

You hate your job. The mere thought of waking up to go to work gives you a sudden ache in the pit of your stomach. Your heart races and you think of resignation, but you have bills to pay and the job market is not that great for your line of work. So you decide … Read more

How to improve your work relationship

work relationships

It is very important to have a cordial, healthy and professional work relationship with your co-workers. Having a poor relationship with co-workers is not just stressful and frustrating – it can also have an impact on job performance and satisfaction. Women24 has five hints to help you develop trusting relations with colleagues: 1. Be positive. … Read more

How to Improve Interpersonal Relationships at Work

work relationships

When a team is composed of individuals coming from very different backgrounds, how they get along each other is affected because of their different perceptions in leadership, education, personal experiences, ethnicity, political preferences etc. Others are task-oriented, while others are more people-oriented when it comes to their working style. Personality clashes and differences in background … Read more