Teleradiology Jobs – The Fast Growing New Career Option

Teleradiology is among the technical buzzword these days among people looking for innovative career options.

Teleradiology is simply put, the process of transmission of radiological images of patients including X-rays, CTs, and MRIs etc from one location to another.

Teleradiology greatly helps doctors and medical practitioners in better treatment of patients as it eliminates the need for the doctors to be physically present near the patient.

In the recent past Teleradiology has come a long way as a preferred method of sharing crucial patient details. In fact, imaging processes have increased close to 15% yearly.

Improved Medical Care
Teleradiology significantly aids better treatment for patients across the globe as the transfer of important information is faster and cheaper.

Given that medical specialists such as Neuroradiologist, Paediatric Radiologist etc are mostly based out of larger cities, Teleradiology effectively makes their services available even in smaller towns. Moreover, Teleradiology makes specialist doctors available round the clock.

Teleradiology Job

Benefits of choosing Teleradiology as a career

There are great benefits attached with opting for a career as a teleradiologists. Consider few key ones:

• Working as a teleradiologist gives you the freedom to work from practically anywhere. For those of you who like to travel or those who don’t keep a regular schedule this job allows for greater autonomy.
• Obviously, the need for daily commuting to “office” is done away with because a teleradiologist can work from the comfort of his home.
• There is also an increased scope for pursuing other interests while fully involved in the job as teleradiologist. Just as the career allows for more travelling, as a teleradiologist you can also indulge in your other passions such as photography, painting etc.

Flip side of deciding to work as teleradiologist:

• You may miss begin among other people as a teleradiologist doesn’t really get to meet or personally communicate with a lot of people. In case you are people’s person you may experience ennui at some points of time.
• Lack of a fixed schedule again can be an issue as you may require working more in the night shifts than normal ones.

Future of radiology

Companies such as Microsoft have already realised the potential in this field and are exploring further opportunities. The need for expert Teleradiology services is growing in demand every day and even patients are becoming aware of and increasingly more willing to avail of such specialised services.

If Teleradiology is something that excites you as then get prepared for a stimulating career!

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