8 tips on how to work with a Recruitment Consultant

recruitment consultantSearching for a suitable job can be stressful for anyone seeking a new career. A professional recruitment consultant can alleviate this unnecessary stress and help match you with your desired career path.
Here are eight useful tips on how you can work with recruitment consultants in your search.

1. Establishing trust: Trust is extremely important in building a successful relationship with your consultant. Always remember that your recruitment consultant has your best interests in mind. They are there to help you and they need to understand your situation in order to find that perfect position for you.

2. Follow-up: Remember that recruitment consultants receive more than 50 resumes every day so always follow up with a phone call after sending out your resume. This helps consultants remember you better and it also gives you the chance to sell your qualifications.

3. Be transparent: Being honest and transparent gives your recruitment consultant a better idea of how they can assist you with your job search. Describe your requirements and preferences with regard to your preferred salary, location and so forth.

4. Be open-minded: A professional recruitment consultant will always provide you with feedback on your interviews or advise you on your current career path, moving beyond job matches. They also provide consultations and advice. Take this advice with an open mind.

5. Be realistic: You will be placed in a better position for a job match if you have realistic expectations. Consultants will have an easier time matching you to a position based on your educational qualifications and experience.

6. Be committed and cooperative: Your commitment to this process is extremely important in facilitating the chances of your success. When a consultant arranges an interview for you with a prospective employer, be prepared and try to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

7. Be patient: Consultants understand how eager you are to find a job. However, it won’t help if you call them every two hours asking when you will get an interview. They need time to evaluate your CV and time to match you with a suitable position. Sit back, wait a little and if you still do not hear from them in three days, then call your recruitment consultant for updates.

8. Be professional: Your professional demeanor is a reflection of your work attitude. Whenever consultants conduct an initial face-to-face interview, they will always observe how you talk and behave. Never forget the fundamentals of making a good impression on your recruitment consultant.

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