Top 3 tips to decide a career path

career pathDeciding on a career path and what jobs to apply for is very tricky when you are in your final year of university or you have already graduated.
There are a number of factors to consider when applying for jobs and it is important not to go into this process without some thoughtful consideration about whether a role is right for you.

The options are endless but the key thing is to think long and hard about is what type of job would suit your skills and personality and don’t just be swayed by the financial aspects. Deciding on what you want from your career and starting out on that career path are key decisions and shouldn’t be put off.

1. What kind of work do I want to be doing?

Sit down and challenge yourself about what type of work you want to be doing before applying and remember this is Monday – Friday every week so make sure it is something you will enjoy. For example, think about your skill set and how that fits with the jobs you are looking at applying for. Are an analytical person or a big picture thinker? Do you like working with data or not? Do you like presenting and being in front of customers? Study the job spec carefully and imagine whether you want to be the person carrying out that work.

2. How much travel am I willing to do?

This will play a large part in what jobs you look at. Firstly, in terms of commuting distance but also secondly, time away from home with overnight stays or long days. Some career paths, for example management consultancy or sales might involve alot of time away from home. Graduates are a relatively cheap resource to bring into a big company and when you’re at the bottom of the ladder, young and probably without family commitments, it is sometimes expected that you are willing be away from home alot travelling.

3. What do I want most from a job?

Think about what your key motivations and career goals are before applying for a job and be honest with yourself about what the key things are that you want from a job. It may be that you want to earn money while you are young, or that work life balance is the key think and you want to work 9am – 5.30pm every day or you may be looking for fun, friendship or just a good name on your resume/CV before moving on to something new. These are all valid reasons for taking a job but make sure you know what you want from the job. Write your key motivations down in order of importance and this will help shape your decision on what you want to get out of a job. Remember, be honest with yourself or you may find yourself on a career path you regret in ten years!

Draw up a spreadsheet with all the things you want from a job and try to cross reference that with the jobs you are thinking about applying for.

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