Top 9 Recession Proof Careers

As the world is getting into another round of recession, it is important for us to realize what Careers and skills are recession proof. Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of nine careers that they consider as recession proof. Although this list is complied according to US market, it stands true for more or less … Read more

How to explain long term unemployment in job interview

long term unemployment

Unemployment is part of life – and it can sometimes stretch to months. Lets face it. When someone who has been out of the workforce for more than six months applies for a job, potential employers will have questions about that CV gap. CBS has tips on how to explain long term unemployment in a … Read more

8 tips on how to work with a Recruitment Consultant

recruitment consultant

Searching for a suitable job can be stressful for anyone seeking a new career. A professional recruitment consultant can alleviate this unnecessary stress and help match you with your desired career path. Here are eight useful tips on how you can work with recruitment consultants in your search. 1. Establishing trust: Trust is extremely important … Read more

Online Job Opportunities

online jobs

With today’s declining economy, it has become difficult to find a right job for yourself. However, with the advent of the internet, life has changes drastically. You can find a number of online job opportunities today. If you are planning to make a good amount of money using the online world, then there are a … Read more

18 Tips to Survive Reorganization, Downsizing and Recession

Survive Recession in your Job

Many companies today are under intense economic pressure. Reorganizations, takeovers, mergers, downsizings, joint ventures, and other major changes are extremely common, as companies try to grow and survive. These changes present new challenges and demands for everyone, from the C.E.O to the telephone receptionist. All members of the organization must therefore learn to cope with … Read more

Got a Pink Slip in UAE? Here is what to do next!

pink slip in uae

UAE expatriates who find themselves out of a job, thanks to the financial crisis, have a number of tough choices to make in the initial few days post-redundancy. Top of the list is sorting out finances, including negotiating with banks over debt repayments and loans. And with residency linked to their employment, this often means … Read more

Eight Tips To Recession Proof Your PR Career

recession proof your career

With the world slowing turning into recession, companies cutting costs and unemployment rising, it is quite difficult to sustain a career. However, as BurrellesLuce notes, PR Industry still has the potential to see through recession. Here are eight tips offered to recession proof your PR Career: 1. Speak up: Talk with your immediate supervisor or … Read more