Most Wanted Skills for Successful Leaders


Leader is a personality that guides his follower through thick and thin and is able to see beyond the horizons.

Following are some of the skills that are to be possessed by the people so as to become leaders:

1. Vision: Leaders should have a vision. They possess a quality of analyzing things that are beyond the horizons, which are not easily visible by others. They are able to formulate their strategies according to the forecast that they make and then guide their followers through those strategies to achieve the end task.

2. Define the end result: Leaders are the personalities that are able to define the goal that they have to achieve. The followers are expected to work cohesively in order to achieve the final task. The end result achieved should be able to produce profits in terms of skills or materialism and satisfy the followers intrinsically or through worldly temptations.

3. Be honest and empathetic: Leaders have the capability of watching things from others perspective as well. They should know what the demands of their followers are and then adjust the needs so as to satisfy their followers. They should be honest enough in taking the decision and do consider that no one is treated unjustly. In this way he can easily get the sympathies and votes of others. He should take into consideration that the decision taken compensates the other person for the other person’s quality or wrong doings.

4. Support the followers in their decision making: At an initial level, small decisions are made which then combine and help to take decision at larger level. Work is segmentised and each segment demands a decision. Leaders should help their followers to take the decision. They should provide them with suitable pros and cons that would take place as a result of their decision. This would enhance the follower’s sense of need that he is being considered.

5. Ability to handle coercive situations: Leaders are able to take decision in a limited time and efficiently. Some problems arise that demands an efficient decision in the limited time possible. At this point the leadership skills are given important. He should be able to control panic and at the same time should take the decision keeping in view all the adequate resources and create satisfaction for the people who trust in his capabilities.

6. Motivate the followers to work: There comes a point when people are dissatisfied from the work they are doing. At this point there should be someone who should bring the best out of these people by motivating them. Motivation of people is an important part as the people perform effectively when they are willing to work. Leaders can motivate is followers by involving them in decision making. Through this the commitment to wok increases and they people feel that they are important part of the society or organization. Moreover by increasing pay scales or encouraging by giving compensations or by defining the task in which they are interested are common forms of motivating people.

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