8 Tips to get You Promoted


If you work in a large organization and are ambitious for career progression then here are a number of things that you can do to assist your journey. 1. Do your job well. I know that this is stating the obvious but it is the starting point. For promotion it is a necessary but not … Read more

How to improve your presentation skills

Presentation Skills

Presentation is a form of giving the audience or the party a layout or a brief description of your thoughts or the strategies that are to be adopted while achieving a task. Skills should be enhanced for the presentation as they effect the decision of the other party. Some of the main features to enhance … Read more

Most Wanted Skills for Successful Leaders


Leader is a personality that guides his follower through thick and thin and is able to see beyond the horizons. Following are some of the skills that are to be possessed by the people so as to become leaders: 1. Vision: Leaders should have a vision. They possess a quality of analyzing things that are … Read more

4 Tips to improve your organization skills

Organization Skills

If you want to improve your productivity then you have to learn about organizational skills. The term organizational skill is to describe that how one organizes oneself. If your organizational skills are good then your work/life will come into balance. Some people are workaholic while others want to enjoy all the time. Organizational skill helps … Read more

Vocational Job Skills Assessment

Vocational Skills

Vocational or technical job skills assessment is performed in the majority of job interviews. These are specific to a particular skill or profession. Let us first start by mentioning the skills required in a conventional job interview. As a candidate you should be prepared to prove your skills to the potential employer. This is quite … Read more

3 Tips to Turn Volunteer Work Into Your Career

volunteer work

Are you fond of volunteer work? Be it helping the oppressed, taking care of the sick, managing traffic or just filling out forms, your passion for volunteer work can now be turned into a full fledged Career. Tips to turn volunteer work into your career: 1. Put it on your CV: Despite hiring managers saying … Read more

10 tips for future proof career development

career development partner

This article is aimed for Employers, interested in personal and career development of their employees in order to retain best talent at their work places. If you are working for someone, read on to gain an insight on what career development is all about. 1. Provide incentives for employees to go on a meditation retreat. … Read more