Preparing For Phone Interviews

job interview on phoneNowadays, most of the companies prefer phone interviews before conducting a face-to-face interview. There are many reasons of conducting these telephonic interviews, such as large number of candidates for a single post, selection of candidates in a short time, and may be for the judgment of communication skills and command on language of a candidate for a job in a call centre or as a telephone operator.

Usually, a telephone interview is easier for a candidate because he faces less hesitation and lack of confidence issues in talking on the phone as compare to a face-to-face interview. If you have applied for a job so you may receive a phone interview call any time so it is better to be prepared for it to avoid any problem or confusion at the time of a phone interview.

It’s important to remember some special points when you are preparing for phone interviews because the preparation for a phone interview is not a difficult task; it needs your attention and understanding of some tips and techniques that are important to have a perfect phone Interview. Be prepared for a phone interview that may happen any time, so keep a copy of the resume or CV with you, which you sent to the job provider. Try to gather information about that company and its goals by searching on the internet. By gathering this information, you will better understand about that targets and vision of that company.

When you receive a call for a phone interview, leave everything behind and focus on this call. Go to a calm and quiet place where you will not be interrupted by surrounding noise or people. Take a deep breath and start talking on the phone. Keep the smile on your face, it will reflect in your voice and make your voice confident and attractive. Avoid the use of words “ah, err, um” which will show that you are confused or not sure about any point of discussion. Give time to the interviewer for completing his words without interrupting him and listen to him carefully. Answer only what he is asking about, don’t prolong your answers as it may make him feeling bore. Don’t try to be extra smart by changing topic or telling about your good points. Let him judge you himself.

If any of his points is not clear to you, ask him for clarification without any hesitation. Don’t forget to ask him about the next step that you have to follow. Let him know that you will like to meet him personally for more discussion. At the end of conversation, say thanks to him and tell him that you have enjoyed talking to him. After saying bye, wait that firstly he will disconnect the phone then disconnect it.

In a telephonic interview, your voice is representing the confidence in your personality and your words and your accent show your communication and professional skills. You don’t need to flatter him or be extra-efficient to impress him.

If you follow the above guidelines and tips for preparing for phone interviews, you will be able to make a positive impact of your personality and qualification on the interviewer. After implementing on the basic tip of “preparing for phone interviews,” soon you will receive another call that will be for inviting you for your next interview.

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