Stealth Job Hunting Tips: How To Search Jobs While Still Employed

Stealth Job Hunting Tips: How To Search Jobs While Still EmployedIf there is anything worse than not finding a job, it’s probably having a one you disgust.
Unrest in present job could arise due to a lot of factors – the job profile is not what was told to you, pay issues, work environment, etc.
There can be times in a job seeker’s life when there is a need for stealth job searching – that is searching for a new job while you are still employed. You don’t to stake your present job until you find another suitable one.
So are you supposed to search for a new job anyways? It can get really frustrating.

Consider a few simple tips to make stealth job hunting easier

1. Search in your spare time: There is nothing wrong in searching for employment in your after-office hours. Use the weekends or try getting up a little early so you can an hour or two to do the searching.

2. Don’t use you work email: This is a common blunder a lot of job seekers make. It can also show that you are applying in your office-hours. Also, your office email id password can be changed by the office.

3. Submit carefully: A lot of companies post anonymously. So make sure to research on the company you are applying to. You never want to end up applying to the same company you are presently employed to!

4. Ask but keep silent: This is a difficult thing. While is necessary not to discuss with your colleagues that you are looking for a new job, it is also recommended that you ask close and trustworthy acquaintances for any references they may have for you. Do this at your own risk only.

5. Network: It has become the buzzword in the hiring industry today. Sites like LinkedIn are a great place for professional networking. You can join your niche specific groups, follow companies and update your profile regularly to show that you are a knowledgeable person in your job. If you show a keen and genuine interest in this kind of networking, there are high chances offers will start pouring in from hiring managers themselves. [Read how networking leads to job referrals]

All in all, a problem arises in stealth job searching only if you are using the present company’s resources or time to search a new job. So you can be upright and honest even if it is discovered that you are looking for job change.

Here are some confidential job search tips for Stealth Job hunting.

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