Living and Working in Singapore – What You Need to Know

Working in Singapore

Singapore as a cosmopolitan island is fast becoming an employment hotspot for people across the globe. Asians, especially from adjoining countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh et al are readily looking for a career in booming economy of Singapore. What are some of the most essential points about Singapore, its work culture and environment, … Read more

How to Get a Job by Building Relationships

Getting Job By Building Relationships

Although Step Brothers was a comedy movie about two lazy adults, there was one small bit of advice that came out of that movie for people who want to succeed. When the question of why Dale dropped out of college comes up, he is quoted as saying “it’s about who you know.” Even though Dale’s … Read more

Stealth Job Hunting Tips: How To Search Jobs While Still Employed

job searching while still employed

If there is anything worse than not finding a job, it’s probably having a one you disgust. Unrest in present job could arise due to a lot of factors – the job profile is not what was told to you, pay issues, work environment, etc. There can be times in a job seeker’s life when … Read more

Eight Tips To Recession Proof Your PR Career

recession proof your career

With the world slowing turning into recession, companies cutting costs and unemployment rising, it is quite difficult to sustain a career. However, as BurrellesLuce notes, PR Industry still has the potential to see through recession. Here are eight tips offered to recession proof your PR Career: 1. Speak up: Talk with your immediate supervisor or … Read more

7 Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Whenever you’re finding a job, people around you might often suggest that you keep strong networking with your community in order to land a good offer. Most of the people find excellent jobs based on their business networking skills. Your connections within the industry are the strongest links that you can use while looking for … Read more