Stealth Job Hunting Tips: How To Search Jobs While Still Employed

job searching while still employed

If there is anything worse than not finding a job, it’s probably having a one you disgust. Unrest in present job could arise due to a lot of factors – the job profile is not what was told to you, pay issues, work environment, etc. There can be times in a job seeker’s life when … Read more

Business Communication Tools in the Modern World

Business Communication Tools

Business Communication Tools are an essential component of any business organization. We are now in the information age, wherein the Internet and telecommunications technology has made it so much easier, faster and more convenient to send and receive information. Some of the most common Business Communication Tools are E-mail and Instant Messaging. Here’s a rundown … Read more

How to Write Effective Business E-Mails


Most of us know how to write an email to a company because of the technology made available to all of us. However, writing EFFECTIVE e-mails is something that needs to be learned and appreciated. Because e-mail is the most commonly used form of communication, it is often misused, and sometimes even abused. Here are … Read more

How to Resign Professionally

Resignation letter

Whatever is the reason, at one point or another in your career, you have to resign from your job. However, it is recommended to make the process as friendly and relaxed as possible. This is indeed a small world, references do count and ending your professional relationship with an employer on a good note may … Read more

Virtual IT Jobs

Virtual IT Jobs

Virtual IT jobs is a topic of keen concentration these days. The word IT stands for “Information Technology”. Virtual IT jobs involve computer programming, network administration, Web development, computer engineering, technical support and other relevant jobs. You can make arguments all the day on the existence of the virtual communities, websites, games, etc, but the … Read more