Top 10 Tips for the First Day of Work

Your first day of work could turn out to be very stressful because of a lot of anxiety and nervousness. Moreover, many times people make blunders by either preparing too much or nothing at all.

In order to avoid your first day of work turning into a flop, you should follow some guidelines and surely you will have the most memorable day of your life.

Top 10 Tips for the First Day of Work

first day of work1.       Get everything prepared one day before: Ironing your dress, polishing your shoes, preparing all your accessories should be done one day before your first day of work.
Try to visit your workplace beforehand so you know the exact location and avoid being late to work on your first day.

2.       Have a healthy but light breakfast: Do a healthy breakfast but it should not be too heavy or else it could cause digestion problems thus making you feel uneasy.
An ideal healthy and light breakfast could include a boiled egg, toasted bread, fruit juice, cereals or fruit bar. Don’t forget to have some form of caffeine in the form of tea or coffee to keep you fresh for the entire day. But if caffeinated drinks cause any sickness then you may not take it.

3.       Start your day a little early: Wake up a little earlier than you usually do. Give yourself time to get prepared for the first day of work. Avoid hurrying around and do everything in a moderate pace so that you remain calm. Trying to do things quickly in case you get up late as this may make you feel more nervous.

4.       Dress up comfortably: Yes, you need to dress up formally, but it is a good idea to wear something in which you feel comfortable. Avoid wearing brand new outfit as you never know what uneasiness it may create at the last minute.

5.       Do a little homework: By homework it means that gather some information about the company and research about the current and past events so that you will not feel alienated for your first day of work.

6.       Walk Straight, Smile and Be Confident: It is said that, ‘First impression is the last impression,’ and it is very right. So in order to make your first impression a long lasting effect enter your workplace with confidence while wearing a smile and walking straight. It is natural to feel a little nervous to enter a new place but try to hide that fear with a bright smile. Greet to anyone you come across with a cheerful attitude and you will surely become everyone’s favourite in no time.

7.       Create a connection: Make it your aim to get familiar with everyone on the first day itself. When you are being introduced to your colleagues try to listen attentively to everyone’s description. Try to remember them and if you have difficulty in remembering such details then jot it down somewhere and when you are addressing your colleagues, use their names for instance. This way you will remain professional and at the same time built connections very soon.

8.       Set your work space: Once you have been done with the introduction and allotted your place for work, setting it as per your choice is a good way to stay your work in a happy mood every day.

9.       Take a break: To avoid tiring yourself, take a five minutes break once in every hour. This will keep your mood at its highest level.

10.   End your day while appreciating: Finally, when it is time to leave the office, say thank you to everyone you came across during the day and don’t forget to mention that it was pleasure meeting them.


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