9 Tips for PR Professionals

Today, I thought I’d give back by providing 9 tips to the next generation of PR counselors. A few pieces of advice that have helped me through the years. And, tips I think can and will make a difference for you at some point along the way. Take these to heart–I did, and at one … Read more

Vocational Job Skills Assessment

Vocational Skills

Vocational or technical job skills assessment is performed in the majority of job interviews. These are specific to a particular skill or profession. Let us first start by mentioning the skills required in a conventional job interview. As a candidate you should be prepared to prove your skills to the potential employer. This is quite … Read more

Soft Skills Evaluation Checklist

Soft Skills

It is a fact that soft skills can help or hinder a person’s career, so it is always worthwhile to periodically evaluate one’s own personal behaviors, whether you are a CEO, employee or student. Take time to honestly assess your strengths, noting where you need to improve, using this soft skills checklist: 1. Do you … Read more