Business Communication Tools in the Modern World

Business Communication Tools

Business Communication Tools are an essential component of any business organization. We are now in the information age, wherein the Internet and telecommunications technology has made it so much easier, faster and more convenient to send and receive information. Some of the most common Business Communication Tools are E-mail and Instant Messaging. Here’s a rundown … Read more

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are not present in each and everybody and therefore, there are people with selected mind-set and a spark to lead any situation or scenario. Leadership skill is known to be the jack of all trades more like issuing yourself a passport of captaincy and bossing around in full swing. However, you must know … Read more

How to become a great Salesperson

great salesperson

You all must have got that one call from a salesperson trying to get you buy either an insurance policy or a credit card or anything else as a matter of fact. When you finally hung up, some of you end up convinced enough to buy whatever the salesperson was trying to sell while others … Read more

Soft Skills Evaluation Checklist

What are Soft Skills Soft skills are the interpersonal and core skills needed to succeed in the workplace in every profession. Through these skills, you relate to others and work with them. In other words, soft skills are people skills. The soft skills include your attitude, time management, motivation, leadership, flexibility, open-mindedness, manners, and personality. … Read more