Business Communication Tools in the Modern World

Business Communication Tools

Business Communication Tools are an essential component of any business organization. We are now in the information age, wherein the Internet and telecommunications technology has made it so much easier, faster and more convenient to send and receive information.

Some of the most common Business Communication Tools are E-mail and Instant Messaging.

Here’s a rundown of other popular business communication tools in the corporate world.

Video Mails. Applications such as Eyejot allow users to create and receive video messages in self-contained, spam-free environment. It features built-in support, which means you can actually use them with your mobile phones too.

Project Management and Collaboration Tools. There are web applications such as Basecamp and WorkZone offering services on tracking projects, posting updates, assigning tasks, sharing files and even managing a mobile workforce. These tools also allow employees and managers to receive alerts when changes or comments are made on the project.

Web Conferencing. This includes audio conferencing and videoconferencing. A third-party server such as like InterCall, Avaya and, hosts these conferences. The conference is easily set through a Web interface.

Unified Communications. When all types of communication (voice, e-mail, instant messaging, fax etc) are integrated over an IP network, you can manage all your communication in just one Web workspace. For this kind of tool, Skype is used by smaller businesses while larger organizations use VoIP (Voice over IP) platforms of service providers like Cisco or Avaya.

Social Network. Companies have realized the power of social media in how they serve their customers, interact with suppliers and market their products. Creating a page or profile in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are now a must in business communications.

Intercultural Business Communication Tools. In a globalized world where the office is “as big as the world”, translation services are becoming more in demand. Companies who operate in different regions realizes the importance of hiring a permanent translator, or a web translator, for its documents, meetings and other communication platforms.

Smart Phones and Tablets.
Gone are the days of using simple mobile phones with features restricted to SMS and Calls. Nowadays, business communicators use Smart Phones and Tablets which perform not only as typical mobile phone, but also contains applications that help them in doing their tasks and communicating with their business partners, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Communication in the modern world comes in many different forms. Because of technology, our world is getting smaller. We must not forget that regardless of the technology we have in our hands, we are still dealing with people with different backgrounds. Technology can only give more options to business communicators like us, but the decisions and the skills still has to come from us. So we must use these tools wisely, and not let it become just another barrier to effective business communication.

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