Ace Your Panel Interview

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A panel interview is a type of group interview wherein a job candidate faces multiple interviewers. It usually includes the hiring manager or a representative from the HR department and the designated department manager or supervisor. In some situations, co-workers, other departmental managers and someone from top management are also part of the interview panel. … Read more

Top 10 IT Technicians Interview Questions and Answers

IT Technician jobs

Are you getting ready for a IT technical interview and desperate to find IT Technicians interview questions? Look no further. If you are an IT professional and looking for IT Technician job posts, going to your scheduled job interview prepared is important. Anticipate questions and prepare to answer them intelligently. To put things in perspective, … Read more

Top 20 Interview Questions for Sales Jobs

Sales jobs interview questions

Preparing for your sales job interview includes anticipating the questions that will be asked of you. It is not about “memorizing” the answers because having a scripted or practiced answer will come out as unnatural and contrived. What you need to do is think about your answers carefully. Remember that in an interview, you are … Read more

Top 9 Video Interview Tips

Do you have a remote interview? Are you looking for some video interview tips? Look no further. Covid-19 has changed many things – job interview is one of them. These days, businesses have shifted from physical to virtual realms. Most of the interviews are held virtually over the internet and across great distances. That’s why … Read more

Why We Fail Interviews?

Getting past an interview is no big deal. However, most of us still fail to convince the employer about our skills, experiences and attitude, in the interview process. Most of the job seekers fail in the interviews because they: – Didn’t research the company. Didn’t know the CEO’s name, the size of the company, their … Read more